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Ditch the Contraceptive Pill and be Happy

In 2015 the UK press had run a slew of articles about a young woman dying as a result of taking hormonal contraceptive pills*. There were various arguments and explanations, with a consensus being that such tragic incidents are extremely rare, and on the balance the pills are ‘good for you’. As usual all the what-  and how-style questions had been discussed ad nauseam, yet nobody asked why? Why are women being pressurised into rendering themselves [temporarily] infertile all for the sake of a man not being ‘inconvenienced’ during sex? Now here is gender discrimination so monstrous, so outrageous, so totally glaring, that nobody even notices it. An elephant in the room, if you please...


In the same year ‘feminists’ have raged against such triviality as ‘lad’s magazines’ and forced the UK The Sun newspaper to remove page 3 topless pictures. Yet such images are quite tame and innocent. If anything they are celebrating the beauty of creation. I recall showing a page 3 of the Sun to my 5 month old baby to whom we were teaching the baby sign-language. She smiled approvingly and promptly sighed ‘milk’. I doubt one would get the same result by showing babies pictures of bare-chested men.

But regarding the hormonal contraception industry discriminating against women on industrial scale, even killing hundreds every year**, there is not a pip! One cannot help but to wonder why... Big Pharma and profits come to mind. General idiocy, plebeiansation and lack of critical thinking, too.

If one were to do the Internet Search for “hormonal contraceptives and libido” there will be many thousands of data nodes, most being links to forum posts and comments, where users posted anecdotal evidence that using the pill suppresses female libido. There are even a few scholarly articles on the subject. Those are buried so deep that one would have to possess an extraordinary measure of perseverance to find them.

These days nobody wants to look deeply into things. For many twitteratis an article of more than 100 words would fall into the TLDR (Too-Long-Didn’t-Read) category, but as for scholarly essays buried on the page 10 of the search results you can bet that those would be accessed only by the continuously dwindling intellectual elite. If you are reading this, chances are you are a member of that blessed group. Congratulations!

So, let’s look into what hormonal contraception does to a woman’s body. It protects against unwanted pregnancy by making one temporarily infertile. So far, so good. Here, at the surface of things, is where the interest of most people stops. But let’s delve deeper into this. Why do animals, big and small, have sex? When do they have sex? The answer to the first question seems obvious: animals mate to procreate. As to the second question the answer is less clear: but basically they do it when the female wants it, and that is when she is fertile and receptive. Compare the behaviour of female cats in heat before and after they have been spayed (surgically sterilized). There is a very big difference. And what about humans? Is it even fun to have an intercourse with a person who only does this to please you? For a sensitive, romantic male that would be quite a passion-killer. Non? And how do the women feel? Hmm... One world comes to mind – resentful.

But let us explore this sensitive subject even deeper. What are the societal consequences of happiness being removed from martial relations? Did not people get grumpier as the result?

In the animal world sex is used not only for procreation, but for pair-bonding. But the ability of a woman on a pill to have orgasm, or at least to enjoy or even desire sex is severely reduced. Thus no orgasm, no pair bonding. It is no coincidence that the prevalence of divorce skyrocketed starting from the sixties, when the contraceptive pill usage became widespread. The establishment apologists would of course claim that this is a mere fluke, that correlation does not imply causation. They will cite other possible reasons for the growing divorce rate. But it seems quite logical that removing happiness from the people has something to do with this, even if it not the sole reason.


Volumes have been written about how divorce affects children. How the little ones suffer uncomprehendingly – what had gone so terribly wrong with their world? What have they done to deserve this? “Daddy doesn’t love us anymore!” How their only desire is for Mum and Dad is to be together again. How suddenly there is some strange woman that Dad insists is your new Mum. And there is some stranger sleeping in Mum’s bed, and you suddenly have step-sisters... Now, what could possibly go wrong? Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, here we come!  Incidentally depression also skyrocketed starting from the sixties. Pushing antidepressants is also a big earner for the pharmaceutical industry.

 A simple scheme can illustrate the concept:

Use of Hormonal Contraceptives => Low sexual desire  => Reduced pair bonding => Stroppy, bad-tempered people, spousal abuse, addictive behaviors => High divorce rate => Widespread misery / Dysfunctional families / unhappy children => Nihilistic generation => Unpredictable consequences that are likely to be negative, i.e. general decline of Western civilization / Rising misogynism / Excessive feminism ad absurdum / Religious extremism

When I was a little child I asked my grandfather, who was a farmer, why some farms are big and some are small, while some people own no land at all? He said that that was because some people had many children, while the sensible had just two. The idea was to avoid dividing the farm. One child inherits the farm and the other marries somebody who inherits another farm.

I naively asked then, how could families control the number of children in the family. To this the old man replied that a clever man would know how, and when I grow older I will know too. Of course that conversation had been held before I knew the basic facts of biology. Decades and two University degrees later that conversation still resonates. Smart people do not need contraceptive pills. The time my grandfather was referring to was the 19th and early 20th centuries when there had been no artificial contraceptive methods. But the natural contraceptive skills have not been forgotten. Even now if one were to watch porn (for scientific study of course...) one would note that the male ‘actors’ are perfectly capable of controlling their ejaculation, because every video ends with a ‘cum shot’, and then there are condoms and other fun contraceptive methods – i.e. finish the lovemaking session with a blow-job or in an even naughtier way. Whatever takes your fancy. The added benefit is that it spices up your sex life. If the porn actors, who are not exactly PhDs in the main, can control themselves why can’t you? I am married with three planned children and my wife is not on a pill and never had been. The only contraception we use is the naughty ways that make lovemaking more interesting.

When I was studying medicine for 6 years at university almost none of the female students had been on the pill. Now nurses at secondary schools are pushing hormonal pills to older girls, even to those who are legally too young for this. Does it tell you something? Elite group of students studying medicine – no pills. General population – pills. I don’t think it is hard to put 2 and 2 together. Hormonal contraception is not good for the elite. But it is fine for the hoi polloi though.

The medical establishment and the Big Pharma will tell you that every successive generation of contraceptive pills is better and safer. They might tell you that you may put on some weight, suffer vaginal dryness and perhaps have a reduced libido for a while. But there is no ‘for a while’ and ‘no perhaps’. Hormonal contraception is a brutal violation of a woman’s body. There are no ‘ifs’ and no ‘buts’ about it. They will certainly not tell you that using the pill might make you unable to experience that magical oxytocin-induced, loved-up feeling that is being referred to scientifically as pair-bonding.



 ** Contraceptive pill kills 20 women a year through blood clots, says French health watchdog   2013

 ·        Oral contraceptive 'also causes 2,500 non-fatal blood clots'

·        An estimated 60 per cent of women in France are on the pill

·        The above data is for France alone (population around 60 million)







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