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Exploding Medical Myths 

Ignorance is bliss, but sometimes it is also costly and harmful.  This collection of articles and original research seeks to dispel myths and bust ignorance - for better health for everyone.


Ditch the Contraceptive Pill and be Happy

In 2015 the UK press had run a slew of articles about a young woman dying as a result of taking hormonal contraceptive pills*. There were various arguments and explanations, with a consensus being that such tragic incidents are extremely rare, and on the balance the pills are ‘good for you’. As usual all the what-  and how-style questions had been discussed ad nauseam, yet nobody asked why? Why are women being pressurised into rendering themselves [temporarily] infertile all for the sake of a man not being ‘inconvenienced’ during sex? Now here is gender discrimination so monstrous, so outrageous, so totally glaring, then nobody even notices it. An elephant in the room, if you please...   Read more:



 Is modern dentistry a hoax? 

If one were to type words “unnecessary dental treatment” into a search engine there will be numerous articles decrying unscrupulous dentists and corporate greed. See the links at the end of this page for reference.  While this is certainly true to some extent: people have always been greedy, or just desperate to make the ends meet. If one is to believe the infamous Karl Marx – “a glazier dreams of a hailstorm breaking all the windows in town” – it would not be too great a stretch of imagination to extend this Marxian idea to a greedy dentist hoping for a flood of patients requiring costly treatment.  Read more:



Exploding Medical myths

Bloodletting as a method of treatment started in antiquity and was only abolished in the 19-th century. Such an obvious fallacy -  take an already unwell person and further weaken him by draining a pint or two of "bad" blood - but still it persisted for centuries.  Similar "treatment" methods are still practiced today, and not only by witch-doctors in a Third Word country, but by highly-educated and highly paid doctors here.

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